What type of athlete’s do you work with ? 

This training is for athlete’s that want to grow and development as better people and athletes.

What’s the type of atmosphere do you create ?

Transcending is a family first organization.

What sports do you work with ?

Baseball, Football, Softball, Basketball,Tennis 

How do you go about mentoring with clients & athletes?

I take a two pronged approach, with several buckets within in each approach. Focusing on performance and perspective and diving in from there.

What’s your pricing?

Check the services page and contact for custom plans.

How does your group training work?

A Group is more than 3 athletes. Prices are listed below. 

How do you structure team training?

It all starts out with an team assessment. Going over the assessments with coaches, players, parents.Then build an adaptable program for each athlete. 

Are videos from the sessions extra?

Yes! The videos are a tool for me to look back at the session from every aspect. But I do encourage the athletes to purchase the film for an additional $10

Have any questions?

(903) 833-4181

Open Mon – Sun

08:00 – 10:00

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